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marks ridge (8)I confess, I miss my friends. They haven’t been gone long, in fact they haven’t even had time to settle in in their new home.

These last years, the four of us have been through quite a bit together. Marriage, new jobs, adoption, diagnosis, discussion, debate, purchase of a home, sale of a home, birth of a beautiful child and this is just the headline stuff. A true friend, the kind that you can relate to, the kind that you can confide in, they are rare in this world. When you have that in your life you don’t want to let it go.

20130720_191736Lewman fall colorsWell, we’ve had all that and more with Matt and Kelli. We started this blog together due to our mutual love of all things Oregon Wine. Our little day adventures were some of my most anticipated times, not just because we were on a voyage of discovery but because of the conversations that went along.

20130902_16081220130808_122202Lewman 2007 PinotYes, the wine part is fun, don’t get me wrong, it tastes good, it’s relaxing, it got us out of our routine but the true value was being able to spend time together, good, quality, relaxing time together. The kind of time when you felt like you could talk about anything, or nothing, important or trivial.

emerson vineyardFor now, those times are over. Matt and Kelli have embarked on the next part of their adventure in Colorado. I sincerely hope that the church and community that they have joined know how lucky they are.

I won’t say goodbye, I’ll only say see you later.

Yours, who will continue to Live.Oregon.Wine,