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The four of us, plus one cute little infant addition, finally made our tasting trip south to the Eugene area recently. We started off by heading in to downtown Eugene for a lunch adventure at Fifth Street Public Market where there are MANY options. Think of it as a combination of the nicest food court you’ve ever seen crossed with the varied cuisines of a food truck paradise. I could go on and on about this place but I suppose we’re here to talk about wine.

We started our tasting day by finding Bennett Vineyards in Cheshire. A few of us tasted, a few of us got a glass and went to relax. What a beautiful piece of property this place has along Bear Creek! Don’t miss out on tasting their Lucky Sevens Pinot Noir, we tasted the 2012 and it was great. Mid-priced at $30 a bottle.

Winding around a few more turns, we led our friends to a place we’d been before but they hadn’t. Pfeiffer Vineyards might be one of the most beautiful vineyard properties you’ll find in the Willamette Valley but you’re going to pay for it to experience it. Tasting flights are VERY expensive for this area, from $12 for a white wine flight all the way up to $30 for a library wine flight. You can’t get a flight fee tasted until you spend $100. I chose to spend $12.00 for a GLASS of pinot and call it a day here…

Now, let’s talk a little about what got me wanting to write this morning. Brigadoon Wine Company in Junction City. They have the cutest little tasting room building that overlooks the vineyard and sits above their production facility. There is great outside seating and as hosts, Chris and Sheree, were awesome. Friendly, inviting, obviously just people who enjoy a family business. It didn’t hurt that they are avid baseball fans so there is definitely more that we can talk with them about than just pinot.

Let’s talk a little about their wine though, they were pouring four wines when we visited; two pinot noir ($19 and $32), a pinot blanc ($16), and a riesling .  While between us, I think we tried all their wines, we bought a bottle of their 2013 Lylee Pinot Noir (only $19 retail) to share outside on the patio. To quote their newsletter, “What were once singular and separate notes are starting to come together and are producing what I would describe as my perfect everyday pinot.”. I couldn’t have put it any better than that. Sheree also brought us out a sample of their reserve pinot, Taproot, to compare against what we were drinking.

To make a long story short, all of us joined their wine club on our first visit which might be a first. Their club offers 6 bottles, twice a year. You get a 20% discount, free tastings, two pickup events through the year as well as invitations to other fun things they are doing at the winery like BBQ’s, live music events, etc. I can’t wait to get to know them better, you shouldn’t hesitate either.