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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe day had finally arrived, the day that I’ve been waiting for since last December 26th, the day that I opened the box to find my gift of an Artful Winemaker.  12 bottles of Pinot Gris were about to emerge from my basement, made by my own hand (and more than a little assistance from very detailed instructions).

After sanitizing the bottles and the toppers, the final cone that traps the traps the sediment at the bottom of the gadget, we head downstairs for the glorious event!

BottlingSo yes, our basement is in disarray and this process is going on in the middle of a bit of remodeling so excuse the mess!  Start filling up the bottles, it smells so good, all I want is to be done so I can try it!

Once the bottles are filled, there’s a horrible problem…there is still wine in there!  Hurry, we need glasses to pour in the excess!  Since we’re doing this in the basement, it’s quite chilly down there so there isn’t a need to further chill the wine before trying it.  I poured both my wife and myself a glass to try out.  First impression…”DAMN, THIS IS GOOD!”.  Dry, crisp, citrus notes, good acid.  I think we actually pulled off making a case of Pinot Gris, and a really nice one at that!

Glass PourUpstairs we go for the final step, labeling.  I had fun designing the label, a little nod to this blog and what it inspires in me.  The picture, I took at another Willamette Valley winery but I don’t think they will mind (it’s not like this is going on store shelves).

If you’re at all interested in making your own wine, I would really encourage you to look at purchasing this system.  My Pinot Noir refill kit was shipped to me yesterday so the next batch is an open evening away from getting started.  I can’t wait!

Happy sipping!