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Artful 1Day 14, it’s January 21st and time to revisit the Artful Winemaker.  On this day, I open the lid and take a big whiff, it smells like a winery in my basement!

I wish there was more to report but this gadget really makes the process easy.  It really seems that the most involved part of this whole process is the sanitation processes, which are very detailed and specific.  I added in a cone (which I’m guessing traps a good portion of the solids that the clarifier had sunk to the bottom during the first two weeks), I added a stabilizer as well as a clarifier, mixed them around, put the lid back and that’s about it.  Days 15, 16 and 17 consist of rotating the tank a bit to make sure that any sediment that gets stuck on the walls are all released and heading down, down, down to the bottom.

And now we wait.  If there is one thing that I’m painfully self-aware of, it’s that I was not born with the highest patience level.  While this whole process is easy, I WANT MY WINE NOW.  I suppose I could get through this time if only there was a wine tasting day…YES, that was last Saturday with my lovely wife and there will be a few posts to follow about those stops.  It might even hold me over for 5 more days until I can bottle and label my first case of wine.  I can’t wait (I will, but I’ll be a little bitter about it).  Talk to you again about this soon!