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Generally I take the position that whichever wine tastes good to you, must be a good wine to drink.  While this is certainly the case when you’re just getting home from work and pour a glass to enjoy on the porch, dinner time can present a different challenge.  The real question is, does it really?I typically gravitate toward red wines, Pinot Noir being my favorite.  I think that I have a luxury there, in that Pinot goes with everything.  The same can’t be said for others such as; Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and most white wines.

Much has been written on the subject and many debates have been had, I’m not here to duplicate or even add to the discussion.  Everyone’s tastes are different and I think it’s important for YOU to experiment and see what your palate tells you.

To give you a platform to experiment from and in the interest of naked self promotion, I’m going to suggest that you visit my other blog at http://fivestarrecipe.wordpress.com, find something to cook and try out what you believe to be a good wine pairing.  I’d love to hear both your experiences with the recipe as well as which wine you chose to go with it.  Let’s start a discussion and figure out what WE think are the best wine pairings with which dishes.

Happy Cooking – Happy Wine Drinking